JASON WILSON! Steinway Reggae blasts The Trane Studio

Traveling in an alternate universe. One that speaks languages I’m not sure I’ve heard.

Jason himself a startling force of musicianship. With his band, pure radiation. Tilting left, rising north from his piano bench. Connecting his band with a fury …


alley theatre workshop

Michael Kash’s entrance onto Hughie’s stage is imprinted like a sizzling poker. The creaking, twisted-bone staggering, as fragile as a broken dish. Dean Ifill’s pained tiptoeing feet equaled the thrill. A poetic production. Verbiage thrumming …

from House to Home to … Brothel?

house: Allsax4tet at Dominion House

Robust. Precise.  Nuanced. The illusion of a full orchestra  … created by four musicians and 21 sax’s.
Yes. Four lads. Twenty-one saxophones.

Doug Pipher, arranger, leader, masters eight of them. His glee in playing …


                                                                SLY BLUE

Sly Blue! Sly Blue!!!!! I LOVE YOU! Oh. OHOHOH. Yesssssssssssss. The New York swing band swung into TO’s Dovercourt House recently and I WAS THERE!
All I could say to them was “This is a Good Day To …

2012. half a january.

Reveled in a Jaymz Bee loft salon recently. Almost as many performers as guests! Ergo, we were Spoiled by talent! “thank you jaymz and all you wow performers”  The featured act? The Allsax4tet. Emphasis on STARS. Join me …

Electric Eclectics

Review of:
July 29 – 31, 2011

What epitomizes cultural cool these days? How about camping on 100 acres of lush Ontario farmland, meeting musicians and artistic beacons from around the …

A Farewell Kiss …

A Farewell Kiss …

My hope with lizzyjacks! spkezy salon was to create a bubble-out-of-time for those who follow the siren’s song. Theatre experienced as a participant. A venue where fabulous musicians were received with intimate attention and delight. An …

lizzyjacks! with Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett

Saturday, April 30th Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett grace the lizzyjacks! spkezy salon.

Both singly and as a duo, Julie and Kevin have a ravenous fan following. A chance to have Julie’s “glorious holler” [Mark Miller, The Globe & Mail]

lizzyjacks! with Joel & Roxxie

Well, the talent that lights up this salon is beyond belief. Joel & Roxxie kinda shocked the room with their utter marvelousness. Rapt is the word … when we weren’t hooting and whistling in response!

And the friendships I’ve made …