A night at lizzyjacks!

March 19 lizzyjacks! is a heady mix of jazz standards from the 20’s onward … with a belt of Broadway. Comedy as performance art in the hands of two outstanding musicians – singer/actor Brad Cormier as Roxxie and composer/singer Joel …

lizzyjacks! with Bradley Cormier & Joel Lightman

On March 19, 2011 Bradley Cormier & Joel Lightman are bringing Broadway to  lizzyjacks! I promise you a night of entertainment & pizzazz that will make you forget winter ever happened. Here’s some insight into the remarkable talent ……

lizzyjacks! with Tony Quarrington & Zoey Adams

Tony Quarrington & Zoey Adams infused lizzyjacks! salon with Christmas joy and artistry – from their zingy craftsmanship right down to their gorgeous red shoes!

What charisma! I love hosting them & lizzyjacks! guests loved being seduced by them.…

lizzyjacks! with Russell deCarle

November 6th’s spkezy featuring Russell deCarle, Steve Briggs & Denis Keldie epitomized the heart of lizzyjacks! A bubble outside of Time, woven with stunning craftsmanship & pure heart. Musicians who are Artists. Twenty guests leaving the known at the door, …

Goldman Sachs Soaks in Subprime Wins

 Goldman Sachs Soaks in Subprime Wins

The entire financial world is beginning to wake up to a cold reality: the subprime-mortgage crisis walloped Wall St.

The ships called Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, and almost every other major Wall Street …

Little Mighty and the Poet Giant

It was a sea of people, swaying with wine.  Finger food passing along the crests like delicate foam crustaceans. A celebration of the poets’ ephemeral regard in this world of hard liquor, soft food and mountains to climb.

He bobbed …



You look beautiful tonight.

Candlelight is so forgiving.

Pecking at your food becomes you. It serves the haunted hollows of your eyes, your cheeks … thinly veiled.  Tiny veins peeking through, hungry for love.

I love holding your hand.

The Body Remembers

The Body Remembers

Her head is a spaceship. Lift-off involuntary. Escaping backwards in time, without matter. Matter meaning skull and bones. Flesh and eyeball. Matter meaning mattering at all whether she makes sense of it.

Memory awakens with each wave …