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what you wish you didn’t have to know about FRACKING


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Judith Cockman

December  17, 2013

In Alberta, Ronalie and Shawn Campbell’s previously excellent well water is now saturated with methane, ethane, propane, butane and isobutane.  The trees flanking their well – which is surrounded by over 50 energy wells within a one mile radius  – have died.  Jessica Ernst is heavy-lifting a $33 million lawsuit against Encana /Alberta Environment / and the Energy Resources Conservation Board.  Her skin burns and develops rash when she showers.  Not that she can do that anymore.  But she can light her water on fire.  Bruce Jack’s water well actually exploded.  He was hospitalized for a month with 3rd degree burns.

Flocks of canaries in our fracking mines.

Asthma.  Hair loss.   Burning eyes.  Burning skin.  Tremors.  Mouth ulcers.  Heart palpitations.  Stomach cramps.  Headaches.  Nosebleeds. Vomiting.  Projectile diarrhea.  Lesions.  Loss of balance.  Slurred speech.  Spitting blood.  Abscessed teeth.  Sick horses.  Dead goats.  Dead dogs, dead chickens, dead cats.  Dead cows.

 Symptoms of fracking contamination.  Because the chemicals that oil and gas companies use in their operations are called “proprietary”,  grasping the implications of such symptoms has been the stuff of detective novels.  (more…)

The Global Women’s Peace Initiative, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 2002

“My Seat at the United Nations” found below, is the insider’s version of the Global Women’s Peace Initiative.  The following one is the Cover article that was published by Bloom Magazine.  This title was the name of the conference at the time.  I will add that this Initiative was the first, and, now re-named the Global Peace Initiative of Women, the organization is still effecting remarkable change in the world.  It was a tremendous honour to have been invited to participate in 2002, and I hope my life will allow me to be a part of it again some day.  You can read about them on their site GPIW

The Global Women’s’ Peace Initiative of Spiritual and Religious Leaders
United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 2002

by Judith Cockman

Cover Story,  Bloom Magazine,  December 2002

The mothers of the World came together in the great halls of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on October 7, 2002.  They came carrying the mantle of religious and spiritual leaders.  They came as business and government leaders.  As women dressed in saris and slacks, simple brown tunics and Chanel suits.  Women committed to taking action for Peace.  Women determined to change the world.

And they did.

Five hundred women crossed oceans, crossed nations, crossed faiths, crossed race and crossed economic boundaries with an urgency that combusted.  The prayers of these powerful women lifted the roof of the United Nations off its hinges.  The intensity with which they worked for fours days shaped the paradigm shift we have been waiting for.  (more…)

My Seat at the United Nations

Cinderella Sits In the United Nations


Like Cinderella, on October 6, 2002, I find myself at the ball.  The palace is Le Warwick, sitting prettily on a quaint boulevard in Switzerland – a swelegant hotel with just the right amount of understatement to keep it humble.  The guests arriving are like children about to open presents at a birthday party.

I enter the ballroom, my pockets bulging with tape recorders, notebooks and a camera.  Start snapping pictures as the seats are filling.  I have to reign myself in when I realize I’m shooting everybody with a shaved head. Bald doesn’t necessarily beget holy, I chide myself.  Flashbulbs shoot all over the few people sitting next to the dais.  I’m surprised.  Here we are, preparing for the opening moments of the first Global Women’s Peace Initiative of Religious and Spiritual Leaders and a holy man is attracting all the attention.  I assume he’s holy.  He wears a white gown and his long gray hair is streaked with black, just like his moustache.

I take his picture. (more…)

Electric Eclectics

Review of:
July 29 – 31, 2011

What epitomizes cultural cool these days? How about camping on 100 acres of lush Ontario farmland, meeting musicians and artistic beacons from around the world? Open-air concerts of avant-garde music & multi media. Art & sound installations in a silo, a tent, a dome. In industrial sized trailers. A field.
Electric Eclectics is an experiential art junkie’s bonanza percolating in the rolling sweep of Meaford. Two hours north of Toronto. Three nights of live music. Starting early in the evening, tripping through sunsets and fleeing into the night where it slings forward under a sultan’s tent of DJ’s until dawn. Six years successful.

A taste of the eclectic in the electric? (more…)

Goldman Sachs Soaks in Subprime Wins

 Goldman Sachs Soaks in Subprime Wins

The entire financial world is beginning to wake up to a cold reality: the subprime-mortgage crisis walloped Wall St.

The ships called Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, and almost every other major Wall Street firm sank, sucking the economic stability of many nations with it.