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paris. new year’s eve 2012

i’ve joined the legions wooed by the enchanted city.

cobblestone lanes captivating from window to lamp post, around curves and through archways, beckoning like a fairy’s secret.  bridges bearing our footsteps like memories. lights spiriting our fancy backwards into a child’s picture book.

and music! although my journey to share new year’s eve with the remarkable sly blue did not live up to its expectation, i danced a night away in a paris cave that won my heart nonetheless. (more…)

and now for a performance of my own …

here’s a 7 minute, recent performance of my own … poor video/sound, alas.

prologue to one of my one woman plays, Under Our Wild Sky, We Hatched

i wrote it 20 years ago but getting this piece on the boards encouraged me to delve into the full length script, so it’s now in revision. one of many of my scripts that i’m re-working during this sabbatical year of re-writes and out-puts…

2012. half a january.

Reveled in a Jaymz Bee loft salon recently. Almost as many performers as guests! Ergo, we were Spoiled by talent! “thank you jaymz and all you wow performers”  The featured act? The Allsax4tet. Emphasis on STARS. Join me at the Dominion House on Queen, February 11th and shatter your own expectations. Ten buck cover.  http://www.Allsax.ca

Embedded in Jaymz’ CV as producer, songwriter, JAZZ.fm host, impresario, is his penchant for skyrocketing young talent. Kate Sloan rode the comet that night. (more…)

A Farewell Kiss …

A Farewell Kiss …

My hope with lizzyjacks! spkezy salon was to create a bubble-out-of-time for those who follow the siren’s song. Theatre experienced as a participant. A venue where fabulous musicians were received with intimate attention and delight. An ambience that harkened to eras where salons granted immunity to hardship. Where artists, thinkers, and music lovers met over lovingly prepared food, served on gorgeous dishes, and felt good to be alive. Where the sublime impregnated the humble. Where magic was possible. (more…)

lizzyjacks! with Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett

Saturday, April 30th Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett grace the lizzyjacks! spkezy salon.

Both singly and as a duo, Julie and Kevin have a ravenous fan following. A chance to have Julie’s “glorious holler” [Mark Miller, The Globe & Mail] and Kevin’s exquisitely deft fingermagic transport us in the thrilling intimacy of lizzyjacks! is golden. I’ve also heard Julie touch the quiet ache of the heart with the vibrancy of a hummingbird’s wing ….

They are recently returned from a western tour of their new recording, She Sings He Plays.

Catch a tune at http://www.myspace.com/juliemichelskevinbarrett

lizzyjacks! with Joel & Roxxie

Well, the talent that lights up this salon is beyond belief. Joel & Roxxie kinda shocked the room with their utter marvelousness. Rapt is the word … when we weren’t hooting and whistling in response!

And the friendships I’ve made during this adventure … well, on March 19th they filled my kitchen with chefdom and fed my guests a luscious meal! Don Collins, Paul Hickey, Angela Argento and Jackie Spicer … tip of the fedora to ya’!!! Big love. Big, big …

Here come the major pipes & fingermagic of Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett.
April 30th. Standby for take-off …

A night at lizzyjacks!

March 19 lizzyjacks! is a heady mix of jazz standards from the 20’s onward … with a belt of Broadway. Comedy as performance art in the hands of two outstanding musicians – singer/actor Brad Cormier as Roxxie and composer/singer Joel Lightman on keys. While they sculpt a night of magic specifically for our little party, the kitchen will flair with the orchestration of guest chef  Don Collins. Yes! This will allow me greater opportunity to mingle with my guests.  The intimacy of a tiny salon, delicious food throughout a personal concert, new friendships and connections … a slice of the Left Bank in Toronto. lizzyjacks! has sparked a wildfire of verve amongst musicians and guests alike. But there’s still only room for 20!

lizzyjacks! with Bradley Cormier & Joel Lightman

On March 19, 2011 Bradley Cormier & Joel Lightman are bringing Broadway to  lizzyjacks! I promise you a night of entertainment & pizzazz that will make you forget winter ever happened. Here’s some insight into the remarkable talent … (more…)

lizzyjacks! with Tony Quarrington & Zoey Adams

Tony Quarrington & Zoey Adams infused lizzyjacks! salon with Christmas joy and artistry – from their zingy craftsmanship right down to their gorgeous red shoes!

What charisma! I love hosting them & lizzyjacks! guests loved being seduced by them. (more…)