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Mary Magdalene Kissed God, excerpt

mary magdalene kissed god


judith cockman




both middle aged

HE: blind
SHE: fragile

All other characters described are seen only by HE and SHE, and not by the audience.


The set consists of:

  • the one-dimensional cut-out of a tree, rooted CS
  • a roadside guardrail DS
  • a large convex mirror above the playing area that reflects particular movement onstage as though through a fish eye lens

Props and costumes suspend from the ceiling on invisible wire.


mary magdalene kissed god


Lights fade up to reveal HE standing still, facing off stage.  He’s wearing tuxedo trousers – faded and too short, held up with old fashioned suspenders.  Worn-out slippers.  A fanny pack.

Over the course of the first movement, until they are ready to leave, he moves on the spot, very minimally at a time, in a counter-clockwise direction, until he has executed a full 360. 

Seeing nothing.

SHE is seemingly looking into a mirror, carefully fixing her hair, which remains disheveled nonetheless.  She pins a little wedding veil into her hair, covering the back of her head.  All of her movements are executed sparsely.  Very little air is disturbed.  When she finishes with that job, she begins to apply smoky eye shadow, creating a dramatic effect.  This is magnified through the large convex mirror above her.

During this:

HE: What time is it?

SHE: There’s plenty of time.


HE: You said that last time.

She continues with her shadow until done, and then painstakingly applies mascara, checking her eyes closely after each application.  It’s smeared but she doesn’t notice or doesn’t mind.  (more…)

Confessions in a Post Nutrient World

I participated in the Volcano Theatre’s inFORMING CONTENT symposium, themed FOOD, this spring. We listened to lectures presented by Jackman Humanities Institute Fellows, broke into groups, and, based on the lectures, within a few hours created interactive theatre for the public to participate in. I love Volcano Theatre.

My team was under the leadership of the talented playwright David Yee. We chose the sub-themes halal / kosher/ gagging to play with. Other than that, the field was wide open.

The following is the piece I wrote and delivered in the guise of a priest from behind a screened window – one audience member at a time. It was an astonishing experience, confessor to such diverse reactions! I adapted the script with each “confession” based on the answers I was receiving. The absolution, mentioned at the end, was a pre-wrapped host along the lines of Twinkie. Not a lot of takers …

As you read it, I invite you to give your confession …

Confessions in a Post Nutrient World    (more…)

EXPLODE excerpt two


I want your skin  your thoughts your   sweat
I want your undying devotion
I want you to know me for who I am

I want you to hold me

I want you to listen to me
I want you to listen to me because you want to
I want you to listen to me because you like to
what I have to say
because you
need to know what I am saying
because you want to talk about it
because you want to laugh or
be touched by it

I want your soul in the palm of my hand


EXPLODE excerpt one


Can you still see me?
Your face isn’t clear, but I can see your eyes …
I have fed and nourished you with good intentions.
Remember me? I’m Mother.

Mother is God. To a child.   (more…)