alley theatre workshop

Michael Kash’s entrance onto Hughie’s stage is imprinted like a sizzling poker. The creaking, twisted-bone staggering, as fragile as a broken dish. Dean Ifill’s pained tiptoeing feet equaled the thrill. A poetic production. Verbiage thrumming against mulling, with tentacles of each awakening dormant life in the other.

The inclusion of two jazz musicians as prelude to this Eugene O’Neill one-act is inspired. David Ferry directs, creating a tension that readied me for a scurrying mouse. I will never miss an alley theatre workshop production – they reach for the moon through the angst of human weakness and resilience. lizzyjacks! on the road thanks the 16 guests who joined her at the show. We enjoyed a Most Enchanting, irrepressible and intimate party with Kash following. An excellent night out, creating new friends in several directions.

playing till March 3, 2012
at the Theatre Centre
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Michael Kash stars as HUGHIE

The Heavyweights Brass Band

“Wear something colourful and put on your dancing shoes.” A Mardi Gras party in Jaymz Bee’s loft! What an invite! Jaymz is a generous promoter of outstanding musical talent and I’m lucky to be introduced to it. And dancing?! Well dancing feels like a childhood I forgot to have. And honey … did I dance!

The Heavyweights Brass Band shocked me. The musicians look fresh out of high school yet play with the professionalism of performers twice their feet on earth.  With depth. Assurance.  New Orleans with a youthful punch.

Chris Butcher, trombone. Jon Challoner, trumpet. Paul Metcalfe, saxophones. Rob Teehan, sousaphone – every player glittering with talent. And really … SOUSAPHONE! But I admit to a personal jolt toward drummer Lowell Whitty. He envelops the whole with an exactitude of elasticity, and staccatos the field with a quirky joy that pops out like your favourite friend in the playground.

Kathleen Gorman

Kathleen Gorman recently played the Trane with her band of engaging musicians. Kathleen is a refreshing, whimsical gal and her music reflects her individuality. A keyboard artist, singer and composer, her jazz plucks notes from between the sound and tosses them up like soap bubbles. She invited jazz poet Chris Hercules to share her limelight on several pieces, and he perfectly counterpointed the continuum of classic light jazz that she captures with his smoky bygone roots. Stay tuned for her upcoming new CD release.

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