part one: the live SLY BLUE performance at lula lounge october 24, 2012

swingjazz sex! dance floor on fire joy exploding sweat glistening hearts flying yah. that Fabulous.

a band matured in confidence & sharpened in craft during their few months of european/north american touring.

the incomparable chris norton buttoning his mad exuberance into his jacket, ripping the seams with showman precision rather than tearing through the show. a masterful performance that elevates soul and spirit. even so, i’d pay good money to see his manic genius on display again. (see previous view posted february 8, 2012 below)

two of my favorite toronto musicians filling out the NY sly compliment: denis keldie on accordion, glen anderson on drums.


part two: the cd

 my stereo is on top of my fridge.

i gleeful dancedancetrick’nfrill on the little patch of kitchen floor beneath it.

track 3 i’m glued to the refrigerator like a praying mantis, heated with the norton magic. dancedanceswoon to the excellence some more! as the playful interweaves with the soul. track 9 i’m literally crawling up the appliance, sucking freezer through my forehead, breath misting against hot cheek. my chin hitches to the top, limbs fluttering against the doors like the heart of a butterfly emerging from chrysalis. and then it ends. leaving me aghast in it’s departure.

E.V.E.R.Y. TIME. if you have no idea what i’m talking about … get the cd.

buy the CD here  Sly Blue. “Edge of the World”

love the engineering. mixing. nutz about the production. sublime songwriting / performance / musicianship

old school jazz blues infused with fresh, supple sizzle and drawl. innocence saturated with heartlonging.

toronto, yawanna catch this comet …. bliss.

a tantalizing tidbit … sly blue plays paris, new year’s eve …

Sly Blue web site