she searches for her husband in concrete
with ill intent
soles scraped raw from rummage over
splintered faith

mourning belches
lifting her from the unholy ground ruptured
with realities too harsh to stand on

her last drip of hope
between hell and soil
with deception

hades has windows, if no exit
and she gapes into their muddied secrets

corridors choked with chemical haze
footsteps pounding
out trapped wails seeking satiation
a cockballtitanus spawn
devouring itself

children weighing her heartpockets,
she rocks as from a noose after the hanging
convulsing with every consummation
eyes caked in horror

morning pierces her charred veins

duty to life unclaws her fingers

heels stained with the last of her strength
she touches ground
teetering toward day

fumes of her husband’s postcoital rage seep
from the sewers
tracking her

the shards of night
fling sleep like blood into
the dawning light


written by
judith cockman

copyright ©judithcockman2006/2011