I want your skin  your thoughts your   sweat
I want your undying devotion
I want you to know me for who I am

I want you to hold me

I want you to listen to me
I want you to listen to me because you want to
I want you to listen to me because you like to
what I have to say
because you
need to know what I am saying
because you want to talk about it
because you want to laugh or
be touched by it

I want your soul in the palm of my hand

I want you to leap into my arms with abandon
I need your holy touch
I need you so much

and at times I don’t need  you  at all

Can you hear my heart sing
or even hear it cry?
It’s so loud at times I wonder why
the alarms don’t go off

Let me be your bell
Ring me loud and clear   tell
All the World you’re Proud of me
I trusted you once
I want to trust again
you trusted me then you lost me please
find me again

Open your soul eyes
if you’re to be my soul mate
Grasp my tendrils
they’re growing out of my mind like snakes
give me back my innocence

too late for that now
not needed anyhow but isn’t there   something    deeper
waiting for us on the other

we can Resuscitate
If we can tread   water in   current
we can
swim to shore!

I’ll lay naked on your body
I’ll breathe life into your mouth
I’ll pump seaweed from your lungs   I’ll
cover you with love   i’ll give you



i’ll give you mine if you give me yours

coddle you
stroke your soul till it sparkles
I’ll tenderize    tenderize you
I’ll stand up and ride the waves for you!

Give back your hearing to me To me!
Back your knowing
and seeing
To me!

Show me your face with the eyes in it! the face with the eyes

Hold out your hand, ring your finger with the band
take my hand
take my hand   Open your heart
Plead with your heart
Make mischief with me

Let it be   Let it be
Be tender with me
Let it be