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dirty dishes pic

DIRTY DISHES partied their second CD release with glorious precision on Saturday.  Theatrical abandon orchestrated into snap-tight musical desserts. Three gorgeous talents trilling fiddle, guitar, ukulele – and Harmonies to melt a bird’s heart! Original tunes by the uber talented …


for an indie rockout, you can’t do better than hamilton’s own COWLICK – hallucinatory imagination strapped into slick musicianship.
their recent cd release walloped a packed This Ain’t Hollywood, featuring … no cd.
purchase their 3d glasses and access the

suzie’s alibi

Suzie McKenney’s pink guitar, sassy heels, infectious joy and radiant talent revved Cadillac Lounge on Saturday. With her songwriting partner, bass & vocalist Stu Clow, backed by guitar rocker Kevin Vienneau and percussionist Bob Vespaziani, Suzie’s Alibi once again rockabillied …


part one: the live SLY BLUE performance at lula lounge october 24, 2012

swingjazz sex! dance floor on fire joy exploding sweat glistening hearts flying yah. that Fabulous.

a band matured in confidence & sharpened in craft during their few …

danny and the deep blue sea


tenderness strangled in a fist.

raw. cracked open the heart, shivered the skull.  reminiscent of the rich, authentic theatre work i experienced in LA during the ’90’s. a commitment to truth. the necessity to communicate. the brave john patrick …

JASON WILSON! Steinway Reggae blasts The Trane Studio

Traveling in an alternate universe. One that speaks languages I’m not sure I’ve heard.

Jason himself a startling force of musicianship. With his band, pure radiation. Tilting left, rising north from his piano bench. Connecting his band with a fury …


alley theatre workshop

Michael Kash’s entrance onto Hughie’s stage is imprinted like a sizzling poker. The creaking, twisted-bone staggering, as fragile as a broken dish. Dean Ifill’s pained tiptoeing feet equaled the thrill. A poetic production. Verbiage thrumming …

from House to Home to … Brothel?

house: Allsax4tet at Dominion House

Robust. Precise.  Nuanced. The illusion of a full orchestra  … created by four musicians and 21 sax’s.
Yes. Four lads. Twenty-one saxophones.

Doug Pipher, arranger, leader, masters eight of them. His glee in playing …


                                                                SLY BLUE

Sly Blue! Sly Blue!!!!! I LOVE YOU! Oh. OHOHOH. Yesssssssssssss. The New York swing band swung into TO’s Dovercourt House recently and I WAS THERE!
All I could say to them was “This is a Good Day To …