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Mary Magdalene Kissed God, excerpt

mary magdalene kissed god


judith cockman




both middle aged

HE: blind
SHE: fragile

All other characters described are seen only by HE and SHE, and not by the audience.


The set consists of:

  • the one-dimensional

Pit Stop

Pit Stop

He drove into her life.

There were a few dents in his doors and the exhaust pipe was about to fall off, but her front porch consisted of a broken, one-step stoop to a vintage trailer and a …

EXPLODE excerpt two


I want your skin  your thoughts your   sweat
I want your undying devotion
I want you to know me for who I am

I want you to hold me

I want you to listen to me
I want you …

EXPLODE excerpt one


Can you still see me?
Your face isn’t clear, but I can see your eyes …
I have fed and nourished you with good intentions.
Remember me? I’m Mother.

Mother is God. To a child.  …


dirty dishes pic

DIRTY DISHES partied their second CD release with glorious precision on Saturday.  Theatrical abandon orchestrated into snap-tight musical desserts. Three gorgeous talents trilling fiddle, guitar, ukulele – and Harmonies to melt a bird’s heart! Original tunes by the uber talented …