A Farewell Kiss …

My hope with lizzyjacks! spkezy salon was to create a bubble-out-of-time for those who follow the siren’s song. Theatre experienced as a participant. A venue where fabulous musicians were received with intimate attention and delight. An ambience that harkened to eras where salons granted immunity to hardship. Where artists, thinkers, and music lovers met over lovingly prepared food, served on gorgeous dishes, and felt good to be alive. Where the sublime impregnated the humble. Where magic was possible.

I believe lizzyjacks! succeeded because much of that came true. Even the preparations proved to be dramatic. I worked with zealous speed and intensity to accomplish each salon. And screeched to a halt upon the arrival of every first guest, composing a demeanor of (hopeful) calm and preparedness. Illusion, every time. And the unfolding of each salon was unique and precious in its own manner. Every musician brought individual gifts. Each guest, his or her own special contribution of self.  Kitchen help, paid and unpaid, a fabulous support. Each meal, an adventure.

I’m sad to close her doors, but immensely proud of her success. lizzyjacks! inspired wonderful new friendships, and imbued my little home with an energy I believe is a celebration of life at its best. I move into new adventures sustained by her creation.

I thank all of you for participating. And special thanks to these friends for assistance in ways that were invaluable …
Don Collins, Paul Hickey, Norma Dell’Agnese, Jacqueline Spicer, Kalen Hayman, Lyne Tremblay, Donna Davey, Angela Argento, Katherine Duncanson, Matt Zimbel, Deborah Grover, Joan Vanduzer, Gayle Boxer Duncanson, Max Gorges, Anthony Iorio  – and all of you who expressed your enthusiasm with generosity; who passed the good word forward, and returned with friends. Memories have been made of these ….

As my new adventures take shape, I’ll keep you posted on this site and hope you’ll continue to share yours with me.


(lizzyjacks! is available to you for consults.)