house: Allsax4tet at Dominion House

Robust. Precise.  Nuanced. The illusion of a full orchestra  … created by four musicians and 21 sax’s.
Yes. Four lads. Twenty-one saxophones.

Doug Pipher, arranger, leader, masters eight of them. His glee in playing the tiny soprillo through to the outrageously oversized contrabass (made to order in Brazil and the only one in Canada) is a baton inspiring his colleagues to giddy heights.

Three full sets incorporate jazz to opera. The unusually packed house at Dominion went ballistic with the full tilt glory of Bohemian Rhapsody. An act worthy of lighting votive candles in thanks for musicians who care so much to become this good.


kitchen: Bob Cary Orchestra at People’s Chicken

It hurts my mouth to say the name of this club out loud. Formerly Chick’n Deli, good news is, it still showcases the big bands, and Bob Cary’s is one of the best. A sardine tin, packed with top talent. On feb 13th it was fronted by crooner Vincent Wolfe, smoothly reminiscent of the rat pack’s glory days.


lounge: Love Letters Cabaret at Lula Lounge

An Old Hollywood romantic tryst with our current Burlesque fantasy. Choreographer Pastel Supernova titillates her audience into a daze of complicity during a night of mischievous  seduction. With producer Vanessa Young at the helm, (an accomplished dancer and choreographer herself) I was most impressed with the confidence of these two women, propelling their youth into a fist of mature vision. Enjoy a tantalizer with bpm:tv’s  clip of this night at Lula and follow the links watch?v=M-v2QaWXhEE


home:  Princess Margaret Hospital Brothel  er, Home Sweepstakes

Happened to work the media launch of the grand prize in Thornhill. Dear PMH brainstormers, You’ve built a 7,662 sq ft palace in which children will get lost looking for their cat. Cats will drown in the voraciously gargling lap pool. The twelve sinks, six bathrooms, four showers and one oversized bathtub could clean all of North York in one sitting. Anyone who wins this house will need to spend my entire year’s income in one month of utility costs. Anyone who can afford to do so will not choose to live in a humble neighbourhood five doors down from Wimpy’s. It’s 2012. Decades past the brilliant inception of the eco movement. Trumpeting an Energy Star washer and dryer as your sole nod to sustainable living does not sit well. Especially since you boast two sets. Heralding a 1,618 sq ft basement is comparable to throwing snickers bars at a starving refugee. The Occupy Movement is swelling across the globe. Think Marie Antoinette. Perhaps next year your design pubahs could come up with thrice as many abodes, with a fraction of the footprint, each utilizing geo thermal, solar, recycled water, and perhaps even a vegetable garden. You know, a house somebody could actually call a home. In the meantime, it would serve as an excellent venue for Supernova & Vanessa’s burlesque theatre. Before it morphs into the perfect BROTHEL.
Check it out just to swoon over the excess gp1.phpl

lizzyjacks! home
And then there’s Elise LeGrow who ransacked lizzyjacks! with her jazz and blues back in 2010. Here’s an unplugged version of her first single with Sony, and the track that’s in circulation on our pop stations. We’re proud to call you our own, ms. elise. Storm the barns sweetheart.