paris. new year’s eve 2012

i’ve joined the legions wooed by the enchanted city.

cobblestone lanes captivating from window to lamp post, around curves and through archways, beckoning like a fairy’s secret.  bridges bearing our footsteps like memories. lights spiriting our fancy backwards into a child’s picture book.

and music! although my journey to share new year’s eve with the remarkable sly blue did not live up to its expectation, i danced a night away in a paris cave that won my heart nonetheless.

le speakeasy turned out to be a rather unwelcoming venue on december 31, 2012, in an overpacked, underwhelming kind of way. but a couple of nights later we slipped across the seine to caveau de la huchette at the suggestion of toronto singer samantha clayton. there we entered a cave carved from rock and stone into rough expressions of primal beauty. a cramped, underground haunt that verged on stifling, where prisoners were tortured during the revolution.  and it was here, in the unlikely juxtaposition of agony and ecstasy, that i danced with unbridled joy to the Drew Davies Rhythm Combo.

my new year’s eve celebration of the magic of music – two days late and perfect.