I LERVE my Magpies! Canadian craftsmanship start to finish.

Every few years I treat myself to a Magpie garment – usually coatish. Not on purpose. I just pop into the shop on Queen West to say hi to the remarkable owner/designer Cathy and her wonderful crew.

Inevitably there’s a stunning piece glinting directly at Me from a headless mannequin. “I knew you would come” it slyly pulses. Hiding in full sight from any other would-be buyer. I climb into it’s spectacular perfection of unusualness, and the kitten is mine.

I soothe my conscience by envisioning my granddaughter burrowing into my closet one day, swooning with gratitude. Not that I have a granddaughter. In the meantime, wearing my magpie, I step into the public forum feeling delicious in my completeness. I realize that some people accomplish this by having a partner on their arm, but there you go.

Even though she’s dressed the fabulous Measha Brueggergosman and Prince by any other name, Cathy’s designs would sell for 3x the amount on a hangar in Holts. So go. I dare you to walk into Magpie and not walk out with an exquisite representation of your artistic self purring against your skin. And a ferocious neck accessory heralding your way.

 Here’s the FB fan page. Magpie Design.  Eat your heart out.