saturday, november 26th was a double hitter!

started the night out celebrating the launch of the Toronto Jazz Blog 

view: the toronto jazz blog  a vibrant (& bilingual!) pastiche: interviews with jazz musicians, photography, video, and artistic jumpstart … created and produced by the romantic partnership of samantha clayton & mikel mata.

samantha is one of toronto’s little gems – a compelling jazz singer with smokey blue undertones and slinky mischief. sam graced lizzyjacks! a few times as the guest artist, accompanied by pianoman nonpareil steve hunter.

mikel, her parisian counterpart, is a photographer/videographer who’s work cleanses the palate with its clarity.  a former fashion photographer, war photojournalist and documenter of nomads, mikel propels an intensity into his work that’s infused with lifejoy. the torontojazzblog is rich in visuals & storytelling.

parlay voo’d through the distillery districts magic ambiance up to the danforth with the lushly talented painter susan stewartvisit susan stewart’s website… (recognize her self portraits from lizzyjacks! sitting room?)

where the powerhouse called suzanne mckenney, & her band Suzie’s Alibi, ripped the soles off my feet with the launch of their inaugural ep “Didn’t See A Thing”. five alarm fire! with her 3 rockin’ bandmates, a chameleon, husky-yet-pure voice, heart-aching range, sly songwriting, pink guitar, vavavoom dress and leopard print spike heels, ladies and gents …. yah. the dance floor needed windshield wipers.

earlier in the week, composer and jingle writer asher ettinger‘s Art of Music exhibit danced the walls in liberty village. a playful & colourful exploration of asher’s relationship with music, counterpointed with lee wallace‘s fine jazz guitar playing. big crowd, cool show.  were any of you lucky enough to catch lizzyjacks! with the mindbending elise legrow? and asher on keyboard? he’s her manager. catch a glimpse of his Art of Music

toronna … yer shootin’stars