Reveled in a Jaymz Bee loft salon recently. Almost as many performers as guests! Ergo, we were Spoiled by talent! “thank you jaymz and all you wow performers”  The featured act? The Allsax4tet. Emphasis on STARS. Join me at the Dominion House on Queen, February 11th and shatter your own expectations. Ten buck cover.

Embedded in Jaymz’ CV as producer, songwriter, host, impresario, is his penchant for skyrocketing young talent. Kate Sloan rode the comet that night. A nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter/pianist, she performed a sly rendition of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”. Rap lyrics slipping innocently from the mouth of a sweet young lady? Scorched. If ya wanna peer into the  looking glass of the indomitable Mr. Bee, here’s his fan page

Been meaning to catch Danny Marks live for, ummmmm, a few years. Finally. His solo act was a feast of tunes springing wildly out of the blues, rock & country archives – sometimes in one song – corralled by a comedic showman/guitarman/ship that whipped his non-stop 2-hour set. if you wanna educate yerself on a national treasure. Or catch his blues show. Otherwise, maybe I’ll see you, noon, at his band’s Rex Hotel gig one of these Saturdays …

Remember the heart stopping Elise LeGrow? Serving up sublime jazz from her anciently talented 22 year old self at the March 2010 lizzyjacks! Her inked deal with Sony was still shimmering on the page that night. Here’s news from her manager, the composer &  jazz accompanist Asher Ettinger: Her first single. Which she wrote!

NO GOOD WOMAN watch?v=Rp8p0KPon4g  Standing Oh! sweetheart!

I myself am trotting about in glee, having participated in Kalen Hayman’s return to studio photography. Here’s the link to a few of his re-imagined pinups:  marilyn-by-kalen   Click on the thumbnails. And meander through Kalen’s versatile and vibrant website while you’re at it. He’s invited me to continue a collaboration; hence, I’m currently helping him in the research for a series of his photo vision. Will invite you to the gallery exhibit when the time comes. See? Ya never know what’s around the corner!

As an aside, how many of you are on the Resolution? If it happens to be muscles and stamina, here’s the gal that’s been defining mine for over a decade:  Gayleforce celebrates 30 Years! of success this year – and a few of her clients have been with her since the beginning! Yes, Gayle’s SO Good that, even though I’ve moved across the city, I still pump it out in her class twice a week.

In memoriam, a ten trumpet salute: Dear Leona Hudecki and dear Rod Robbie: may you frolic in the afterlife, buoyed by the joyous beauty with which you graced our earth. Your talents, insights, graces and glories live on in the countless numbers of us fortunate to have been blessed by them. Thank you.