The air disturbs as her husband enters the room. Doffs his grey hat, holds it to his heart like a shield. The family beside her titters in admiration. He beams. Pulls on his little mustache. Alights on the …


paris. new year’s eve 2012

i’ve joined the legions wooed by the enchanted city.

cobblestone lanes captivating from window to lamp post, around curves and through archways, beckoning like a fairy’s secret.  bridges bearing our footsteps like memories. lights spiriting …

The Adulterated

she searches for her husband in concrete cracked
with ill intent
hades has windows, if no exit

mourning belches

shards of night
fling sleep like blood into
the dawning light

written by

judith cockman

copyright ©judithcockman2006/2011

My Seat at the United Nations

Cinderella Sits In the United Nations


Like Cinderella, on October 6, 2002, I find myself at the ball.  The palace is Le Warwick, sitting prettily on a quaint boulevard in Switzerland – a swelegant hotel with just the right …

Joker’s Wild

my lips have gotten larger
my eyes smaller …
memory re-weaving my face

The wisdom I have achieved with middle age smacks of hypocrisy
The little pearls I have strung along my necklace of experience
proving to be mere costume…


for an indie rockout, you can’t do better than hamilton’s own COWLICK – hallucinatory imagination strapped into slick musicianship.
their recent cd release walloped a packed This Ain’t Hollywood, featuring … no cd.
purchase their 3d glasses and access the

suzie’s alibi

Suzie McKenney’s pink guitar, sassy heels, infectious joy and radiant talent revved Cadillac Lounge on Saturday. With her songwriting partner, bass & vocalist Stu Clow, backed by guitar rocker Kevin Vienneau and percussionist Bob Vespaziani, Suzie’s Alibi once again rockabillied …


part one: the live SLY BLUE performance at lula lounge october 24, 2012

swingjazz sex! dance floor on fire joy exploding sweat glistening hearts flying yah. that Fabulous.

a band matured in confidence & sharpened in craft during their few …

danny and the deep blue sea


tenderness strangled in a fist.

raw. cracked open the heart, shivered the skull.  reminiscent of the rich, authentic theatre work i experienced in LA during the ’90’s. a commitment to truth. the necessity to communicate. the brave john patrick …