EXPLODE excerpt one


Can you still see me?
Your face isn’t clear, but I can see your eyes …
I have fed and nourished you with good intentions.
Remember me? I’m Mother.

Mother is God. To a child.  …


dirty dishes pic

DIRTY DISHES partied their second CD release with glorious precision on Saturday.  Theatrical abandon orchestrated into snap-tight musical desserts. Three gorgeous talents trilling fiddle, guitar, ukulele – and Harmonies to melt a bird’s heart! Original tunes by the uber talented …



The air disturbs as her husband enters the room. Doffs his grey hat, holds it to his heart like a shield. The family beside her titters in admiration. He beams. Pulls on his little mustache. Alights on the …


paris. new year’s eve 2012

i’ve joined the legions wooed by the enchanted city.

cobblestone lanes captivating from window to lamp post, around curves and through archways, beckoning like a fairy’s secret.  bridges bearing our footsteps like memories. lights spiriting …

My Seat at the United Nations

Cinderella Sits In the United Nations


Like Cinderella, on October 6, 2002, I find myself at the ball.  The palace is Le Warwick, sitting prettily on a quaint boulevard in Switzerland – a swelegant hotel with just the right …

Joker’s Wild

my lips have gotten larger
my eyes smaller …
memory re-weaving my face

The wisdom I have achieved with middle age smacks of hypocrisy
The little pearls I have strung along my necklace of experience
proving to be mere costume…


for an indie rockout, you can’t do better than hamilton’s own COWLICK – hallucinatory imagination strapped into slick musicianship.
their recent cd release walloped a packed This Ain’t Hollywood, featuring … no cd.
purchase their 3d glasses and access the